The Value of Volunteer Work – In School and After

People hear about volunteer work all the time. It can be done while you’re in school and after it as well. However, very few people know about the value of volunteer work and that’s why they don’t enroll in it for the most part.

Volunteering can help you on the path to your future career. It can help you choose something that you actually enjoy doing. So, here is some information about the value of volunteer work – in school and after.

Volunteer Work – In School

School volunteering may be the most known type of volunteer work. Many have heard about it, but very few actually consider it. Because let’s be honest: nobody likes extra work during school. Everyone thinks about going home, playing video games and going out with their friends.

Although volunteer work takes a lot of time, it can actually be really helpful in many ways. Here is how volunteer work in school can help you.

You gain work experience and develop skills

This is probably the most expected benefit out of them. During university, volunteering can help guide you on the way to employment, or it offers you the chance to try new things. This is a good way to figure out what you would and wouldn’t like to do in the future. Moreover, it can help you choose what career you are suitable for because nobody is good at everything.

51% of recent graduates under 30 who have a paid job declared that volunteering was a big factor in that. Therefore, volunteering helped them gain work experience and develop skills.

You can meet new people

Volunteering can help you meet people who are interested in the same things as you are. Apparently, many have formed a lot of friendships thanks to this activity.

You can give something back and help others

Many students choose to volunteer because it lets them help other people. They are motivated by the desire to help those in need and improve various situations.

Volunteering gives them the opportunity to make a difference in their community by helping others.

You can build community awareness

Through passion, skills, and effort, students bring a lot of contributions to the wide community. Many students offer to do this not only during term time but during vacations as well.

Apparently, research shows that students can build community awareness and integrate into local communities through volunteering. Moreover, many volunteers declared that this activity helped them understand people better.

Volunteer Work After School

There is also the opportunity to do volunteering after school. Here are some of the benefits:

It helps you inform your team on how to prepare projects for clients

Spending time with clients helps you find out what their needs are. You listen to them, and after discovering what they want, you can help your team. The team can then properly implement projects for clients.

Renew the meaning to your work

Overworking can sometimes make you forget why you are working in a certain domain. By volunteering, you can rediscover why you have chosen that job in the first place.

Connect to the working community

Volunteering can help you make friendships and connect better with the community you’re working in. This is going to make the job even more enjoyable.


Overall, volunteering can help you not only choose your path but also rediscover why you did that in the first place. It’s a great way to work on what you’re passionate about and develop your skills for even more efficient work.