1) You mentioned part-time jobs. Where do you work to earn for living?

A: As a sophomore, I have very little time for that as I have tons of assignments every day. I plan to find a job but definitely not this semester. Morty works at the cinema in the evening and Josh helps his father at his legal support firm. He studies Law, so it is a great chance for him to practice.

2) What do you like best about your university?

Stanford is an amazing place for those who want to get both a well-rounded and modern education. There are a lot of opportunities to develop your skills and talents here and communicate with people who are supportive and always ready to help you. I think, we a are all glad to have been accepted to Stanford. That`s a great honor.

3) What is your favorite part of students` lives?

A: Unlimited freedom and opportunity to do what you want. Though you shouldn’t miss the chances you`re given during this period of life and spend all the time partying. Try to both study and relax.
M: A chance to travel and meet new people. I visit other countries a lot because of different education events and the most pleasant thing about it is that I can look at life from a different perspective and leave my comfort zone for some time.
J: Mashed potatoes at Stanford cafeteria. I`ve never tasted anything more delicious than that. Highly recommend!