Essential Tips for College Freshmen

Let’s be honest: the life of freshmen can be very hard. Not only that they have to be used to the new style of teaching, but they are also surrounded by new people in a new place. It can be overwhelming, and freshmen can be scared at first, especially since they’re in the middle of attention.

As freshmen, most people experience living alone and away from home for the first time. They are not under their parents’ wings anymore, they have to buy their own food, pay for accommodation, leave old friends behind, and many others. It’s a totally different life, and it makes many freshmen depressed.

However, it is not the end of the world. Whereas the beginning is always hard when it comes to everything, college can become an amazing experience. You meet new people, have freedom, and maybe even have the chance to study what you love.

Here is a list of tips that can help freshmen survive their first year of college.

Behave like an adult

Remember those times when you needed to go to the bathroom, but the teacher would yell at you and tell you to abstain because you’re old enough? Well, those times are long gone. Usually, teachers allow you to just leave the room without saying anything. So, if you need to visit the bathroom during an emergency, you won’t have to be afraid of the teacher’s voice anymore.

Become friends with your roommates

If you decide to live with someone else and not alone, becoming friends with them is essential. Living with someone makes your life easier, and keeps loneliness away.

However, many times, people encounter all kinds of people. A lot of students had experiences with dirty roommates, loud ones, or untrustworthy ones. It’s better to get to know your roommate, become friends, and tell them when you’re bothered by something. Otherwise, you will hold a lot of negative emotions towards them.

Save money

Let’s face it: you don’t live with your parents anymore. Until college, they were the ones ensuring your meals and paying the bills. Now, it’s your time to learn how to use the money.

You may be tempted to do a lot of things because your parents are not there to tell you what to do anymore. You can party, buy alcohol, eat in your bed, and many other things. However, you need to be careful what you spend your money on. While you are allowed to go partying once in a while, you need to be responsible. Excessive partying and alcohol will leave you without money, and your parents are not your bank. They won’t be very happy either. After all, you went to college to study. Therefore, use your money wisely and only reward yourself once in a while.

Attend every class

College is different from high school. Whereas not every teacher cares about students’ presences, this can affect you. What you’ve learned up to that point was easier to catch up with. In college, it’s a totally different story.

If you miss one class, you’ll notice that the next time you attend that course, you won’t understand anything anymore. Moreover, if you attend every class, laboratory and seminar, you keep accumulating knowledge. This is much better than leaving everything for the exam period. Leaving something until the last moment is only going to make you more stressed and, sometimes, fail.

Final Thoughts

So, being a freshman is not easy. Your life changes drastically, and it brings a lot of responsibilities. However, with some guidance, you’ll be able to successfully go through your first year without any problem.