Hi, there! The blog you`re currently reading is not of the kind you got used to. You might wonder what is so special about it. It is written by three people at once. The people who have completely different visions of life plans for the future and interests today. But of course, there is a thing that unites us. We study at the same college. So, our names are Alan, Morty, and Josh and we represent three generations of Stanford students.

At the very beginning, it was a personal blog by Alana (me), a freshman who came to Stanford from Chicago. The main purpose of it was to describe how a person who used to live with parents and go to school out of a sudden became completely independent and responsible for his own life. It was supposed to become a story of everyday ups and downs. But in a few weeks after starting it I met Morty and Josh who were a sophomore and a master-to-be respectively. They could already share a lot of information about this very college and students` life in general. So, in the end, we made up our minds to start a blog that would be interesting and might come in handy one day for people of different age who decided to start college.

Here we will tell you about our everyday struggle to strike a balance between study and personal life, how to perform all the tasks successfully and on time without sleeping over the textbooks, where to find a part-time job and how to save money to make your dreams come true. Join us! It will be fascinating.